Thursday, September 14, 2017

Revolutionary Movement in Punjab - Experiences of Agrarian Revolution : Sukhvinder

Democracy and Class Struggle says another excellent speech from Hyderabad Naxalbari Seminar from Sukhvinder.

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Anonymous said...

Communist countries collapsed was so dramatically. It is vitally important to explain to people why leaderships so easily betrayed people with impunity. Especially after cultural revolution all wrong people were indentified . So it seems people had no real power that means no true democracy. The root of the problem is too much power concentrated in central committee ,the system of democratic centralisatio. This question was raised in Lenin's time by Rosa Luxamberg. Some thing like this should be done e.g all members of higher committee should be in local committee as well. Local committee should have power to kick out wrong people and local people should have power to sack any local committee member or whole committee. People needs executive power not just slogan. Unless one find the cause of past failure you will be in the same ditch again, people are not idiots.It costs lives. I am surprised why there is no intense debate on it. Only Kobad Gandy raised this issue .So from the start more faith on people real power to people ,practice of real democracy. this present form of democratic centralisaton is utterly faulty ,people became slogan shouting spectators while capitalist roaders took over without any substantial resistance. So many lives were sacrificed. I can not belive communists can be so stupid for so long.