Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On the Long Road - Russian Song sung by North Korean Singer

You rode on a troika with sleigh bells,
 And in the distance lights flickered..
 If only I could follow you now I would dispel the grief in my soul!

 By the long road, in the moon light,
 And with this song that flies off, ringing,
 And with this ancient, this ancient seven-string,
 That has so tormented me by night.
 But it turns out our song was futile,
 In vain we burned night in and night out.
 If we have finished with the old,

Then those nights have also left us!
Out into our native land, and by new paths,
We have been fated to go now! ...
You rode on a troika with sleigh bells,

 [But] you've long since passed by

Democracy and Class Struggle says North Korea is for the long road - the 5,000 Year History of the Korean People.

Trump's Threats to North Korea and his bullying of South Korea over trade agreements are but seconds in the history of one People the indivisible - Korean People.

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