Thursday, August 3, 2017

World's Longest Political Prisoner Ri In-Mo [리인모] (1917-2007) Hero of DPRK


Ri In Mo is well-known among the DPRK people as an incarnation of faith and will.

Born into a fire-field farmer's family in Kim Hyong Gwon County, Ryanggang Province on August 24, Juche 6 (1917), Ri embarked on the road of anti-Japanese struggle when Korea was under Japan's colonial rule.

After the country's liberation, he worked as a local party official.

During the 1950-1953 Fatherland Liberation War, he was active as a war correspondent.

He was arrested by the enemy while fighting as a guerilla in the area of Mt. Jiri, before serving 34-year-long prison term.

He spent 40 years in jail and under restriction of freedom

Though he was put behind the bars for a long time, he did not abandon his faith and will, in order to honor the dignity as a member of the Workers' Party of Korea.

In 1993, he was repatriated to the DPRK. At that time, he suffered from heavy illness, including heart disease, lung abscess, dyspnoea and verbal disorder, due to long-term prison life.

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