Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Mask is Off Trump has shown his true face says Aleksandr Shein - Reality dawns in Russia belatedly

Democracy and Class Struggle agree's with Lenin when he said bourgeois politics is about deception and self deception and United States - Russian Politics is a classic example of such politics/

What has surprised Democracy and Class Struggle is how long it has taken Russia not just to recognize Trump's deception but the extent of Russian self deception on the Trump Question.

The only sense we can make of this deception and self deception is to remind ourselves that Post Soviet Russia was made in the USA and Mike Pompeo of the CIA boasting at the Security Meeting in Aspen a few weeks ago about the success of CIA investments in Russia just confirms to us the necessity of a new October 1917 in Russia - a Second Edition of the Russian Revolution.

A senior Russian lawmaker told reporters that US President Donald Trump had “shown his real face” in signing a fresh sanctions bill against Russia, adding that PM Dmitry Medvedev was right when he called the current state of relations a trade war.

“Defining all this as a trade war is very right and correct. The masks are off – Trump has shown his true face. For him US interests are the only thing that matters. America needs markets to sell its products, they don’t need Ukraine and have no interest in the Crimean issue – these are all invented excuses that allow them to slap sanctions on Russia and clear the markets for the US companies producing energy resources and weapons,” the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Defense and Security, Aleksandr Shein, said in comments with news site.

“Trump is no puppet. That is just a convenient position – he pretends to be a very kind person with a good attitude to Russia who experiences pressure from ‘hawks’ in the Senate and is forced to take harsh measures. Trump is simply shifting the blame.” he added.

“From the very beginning Trump could not meet with the Russian president – he had set out different priorities for himself. When they eventually met they talked for two hours and after that Trump signs another bill, thus ending the discussion if he intended to improve the relations with Russia or to continue the economic war against our country,” Shein stated.

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