Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 9th Victory over Fascism - The March of The Soviet Tankmen - Марш советских танкистов

Democracy and Class Struggle says capitalists be they fascists and liberals or fake socialists hated the Soviet Union but above all they hated its leader who was the subject of many failed assassination attempts - even his name - Josef Stalin sends them into fits of apoplexy today - a testimony to his enduring social power and the bourgeois deep psychological fear  of Revolutionary Socialism.

March of the Soviet Tankmen (Russian: Марш советских танкистов, Marsh Sovetskikh Tankistov) is a military march composed in 1939 by the Pokrass brothers with lyrics by Laskin. It was commonly used as a Soviet propaganda song in World War II. With english lyrics. 


The armour [of our tanks] is hard and our tanks are fast

And our men are full of courage
The Soviet tankmen are ready for action—
Sons of their Great Motherland.


Thundering with fire, glinting with steel,

The tanks will begin a harsh campaign
When we're called to battle by Comrade Stalin
And the First Marshal will lead us in this battle!

The labor of factories and the labor of kolkhozes's fields,

We will protect, saving our country
With the shock force of our gun turrets,
With the quickness and with the rush of fire.

Repeat refrain

Let the enemy hiding in ambush, remember

That we are on alert, we are watching for the enemy.
We want not a single inch of an alien land
But we shall not give away even one vershok of our territory.

Repeat refrain

And if a hardened enemy will rise up against us

He will be beaten always and everywhere!
In this case our tank drivers will activate the ignitions
And the tanks will go across forests, hills, water...

Repeat refrain

Марш советских танкистов

Музыка: Бр. Покрасс Слова: Б.Ласкин

Броня крепка и танки наши бы́стры

И наши люди мужества полны́:
В строю стоя́т советские танкисты—-
Своей великой Родины сыны.


Гремя огнем, сверкая блеском стали,
Пойдут машины в яростный поход,
Когда нас в бой пошлёт товарищ Сталин
И первый маршал в бой нас поведёт!
Заводов труд и труд колхозных пашен
Мы защитим, страну свою храня,
Ударной силой орудийных башен
И быстротой, и натиском огня!


Пусть помнит враг, укрывшийся в засаде:

Мы начеку, мы за врагом следим!
Чужой земли мы не хотим ни пяди
Но и своей вершка не отдадим!


А если к нам полезет враг матёрый,

Он будет бит повсюду и везде!
Тогда нажмут водители стартёры
И по лесам, по сопкам, по воде...


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