Sunday, May 14, 2017

Resetting the Global Capitalist System : President Xi Jinping addresses Belt and Road Opening Forum plus a speech by President Putin of Russia and President Erdogan of Turkey

China the Saviour of Global Capitalism in 2008 is now resetting the Global Capitalist System for the coming century in 2017.

Democracy and Class Struggle says we need to reset the coming Global Struggle for Socialism as indicated by Minqi Li in his study 

The Rise of China and the Demise of the World Capitalist Economy

Creative understanding and practice is necessary to the Second Wave of Socialism in the 21st Century and the rectification of the errors of the First Wave of Socialism.

Read Minqi Li on Between the Realm of Necessity and the Realm of Freedom: Historical Possibilitiesfor the Twenty-first Century

Forward to Marxism Leninism Maoism and National and Social Liberation in the 21st Century.

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