Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alert: US Attack on North Korea is Imminent says George Friedman of Stratfor - Geopolitical Futures

Democracy and Class Struggle says this interview by George Friedman of Stratfor should alarm us - it is quite possible on Trump's return to the United States that some pre-emptive attack on North Korea is carried out - the real and rational have ceased to exist in the White House - we hope South Korea can stop this disasterous course by a timely intervention - someone needs to act to prevent a catastrophe occurring on the Korean Peninsula putting at risk 70 million Korean Lives North and South.

China and Russia should wake up as this attack is planned to bring US troops to Chinese and Russian Far Eastern Border.

South Korea, Russia and China need to meet urgently to prevent US Attack on North Korea.

China and Russia with North  Korea should activate all Defense Systems on High Alert


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