Monday, May 1, 2017

International Workers Day : One Hour of Proletarian May Day Music

0:00 Первомай (May Day) [Soviet Union]
0:51 Da nam živi, živi rad (Long, Long Live Labour) [Yugoslavia]
2:17 Възхвала на Труда (Ode to Labour) [Bulgaria]
4:18 Píseň práce (Song of Labour) [Czechoslovakia]
5:30 Nasza Piosenka (Our Song) [Poland]
7:26 Májusköszöntő (May Greeting) [Hungary]
9:15 Unu Mai Muncitoresc (First of May Workers) [Romania]
11:26 Der rote Wedding (Red Wedding) [Germany]
15:00 Första Maj (First of May) [Sweden]
16:28 Sang Om Første Maj (Song of the First of May) [Denmark]
19:32 Inno del Primo Maggio (Hymn of the First of May) [Italy]
23:33 Primero de Mayo, Día del Trabajo (First of May, Day of Labour) [Cuba]
24:24 Día del Trabajo (Day of Labour) [Mexico]
26:48 Primero de Mayo (First of May) [Chile]
29:29 Marcha del Trabajo (March of Labour) [Argentina]
32:54 聞け万国の労働者 (Listen, Workers of the World) [Japan]
34:46 欢庆五一 (Celebrating May Day) [China]
36:31 Awit ng Pag-asa (Song of Hope) [Philippines]
38:57 हम मेहनतकश (We Are Working) [India]
43:13 এলোরে দিন এলো আবার রক্তেরাঙ্গা পয়লা মে (Workers' Day Comes on the First of May) [Bangladesh]
56:59 मे दिवस मे दिवस मजदुरको चाड (May Day, May Day, Festival of the Toilers) [Nepal]
52:42 Bir Mayıs Marşı (May Day March) [Turkey]
57:35 We'll Have a May Day [Great Britain]

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