Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Military Escalation in Eastern Ukraine in Last Days of January

Democracy and Class Struggle says with more NATO tanks on Russia's borders than Nazi Tanks during Operation Barbarossa and the Ukraine re-igniting only a fool would be an optimist.

Democracy and Class Struggle try to be realists but that soon drives us to pessimism as there are so many conflict areas whether it in in Europe, Middle East , South and Central America on the South China Sea or North Korea and to compound what would be a difficult situation anyway in 2017 we have an unstable and erratic USA..

Capitalist Imperialism and its Oligarchs means war and it is past it's sell by date which was 1917 - unless we see a global and not just US upsurge of militant resistance in  2017 - we are on the cusp of a downward spiral.