Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Spiritual Fascism - from Hinduism to USA to the Spiritual Christian Fascism of Steve Bannon in the White House

Democracy and Class Struggle has reported on  Hindu Fascism for many years and exposed this spiritual Fascism and caste system.

However now we need to look at the Spiritual Fascism in the White House - the Christian Catholic Fascism of Steve Bannon.

The Post 1945 turn from discredited Nazi "Scientific Racism" to Julius Evola's Spiritual Racism and Fascism is key to understanding where Steve Bannon fits into the contemporary US right wing politics of traditionalism.

Bannon and the Christian Church Militant below - Apocalypse Now !

The Apocalypse Now -  The Steve Bannon view of the Clash Of Civilizations is the mirror image of the ISIS viewpoint - both will meet on the battlefield and the world will end - this is the person who is on the National Security Council of the United States - goodnight !

Steve Bannon "forgetting" the heroism of the secular Soviet Union in bringing down Nazism as well as taking us out of Imperialist War in 1917. His fellows in the Vatican were Nazi collaborators.

This he inverts as Judeo Christians against Atheism.

Steven Bannon is the negative reflection of ISIS they live and feed off each other with their apocalyptic visions and manufactured mythology of invented traditions.

Bannon's 2,500 years of Judeo Christian Tradition

Democracy and Class Struggle says Traditionalism, is a "Manufactured Mythology", an invention. 

As Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger have shown in their book The Invention of Tradition, traditions are not born like Athena from the head of Zeus or impregnated though the ear of a Virgin Mary but rather are political entities dressed up as metaphysic truth. 

Traditions are based on various habits and misunderstandings of the historical record, sometimes going back only a few generations, sometimes longer.