Sunday, February 19, 2017

USA: Steve Bannon is driving a Clash of Civilizations of Judeo Christian values verses Islam a disturbing conflict and apocalyptic vision

Democracy and Class Struggle see's Bannon's simplistic reductionism of Christian good and Muslim Evil has very dangerous.

It ignores how Islamic People are fighting ISIS and in particular forces like the Kurds which are moderate Islamists are eradicating ISIS as are also Hezbollah - clearly the forces to destroy this perversion of Islam that is ISIS are other Muslims and not Christian intruders.

As we have pointed out Trumpism and Bannon at its ideological core owes much to the neo Fascism of Julius Evola and Traditionalism. 

The Post 1945 turn in Fascism was from "scientific" Nazi Racism to Spiritual Fascism of the Judeo Christian Tradition - Evola regarded himself as an Aristocrat of the Soul and despised the proletarian Hitler.