Friday, April 4, 2014

A Clarion Call for the Defeat of Modi Led Fascism by CWP India

Narendra Modi  

The common masses in general and the working class in particular of our country are facing a grave situation on the eve of the forthcoming election. The way the capitalist press and the media are projecting Mr. Narendra Modi as a man of destiny on whose shoulder the future of India rests shows the dangerous portents of glooming fascism.

The last 10 years rule of UPA was also a period of rampant corruption engulfing in the auctioning process of precious technologies of public sector undertakings as well as the other natural resources of our country. The opening up of our economy to foreign as well as Indian corporate houses opened up the ever-widening scope of politicians and bureaucracy indulging in corrupt practices unheard of in independent India. The overgrown media, particularly the electronic media exposed it not in such a way as to mobilize public opinion against it but sensationalized it so that the capitalist alternative political party the BJP which is in no way better than the Congress can take electoral advantage of it.

The globalized era of capitalism faced its worst ever crisis condition in the form of recession, which later advanced towards depression from the year 2007. Though the capitalist economists are projecting that the economy has started recovering, apparently they are only the words of consolation to befool the people. Creation of jobs has not increased even to a mentionable level not to speak of the required level. Hence the jobs created during the onset of globalization through outsourcing industries and in foreign job markets start dwindling drastically.

On the other hand, hundreds and hundreds of engineering colleges and technological institutions are engaging themselves in taping the job markets by producing mushroom growth of engineers and technologists. But the sudden market squeeze struck at the root of their hope of getting remunerative jobs for their products, the students. This has added fuel to the fire of the burning unemployment and under-employment problems of our country. The growth rate in-terms of capitalist economic yard stick reduced from 9% to 10% during the initial period of globalization to the galloping slide of 4% and even less than that. This had created the restlessness among the students and youth of this country.

This was evident at the time of the movement launched by Anna Hazare against corruption under the nomenclature of India Against Corruption. Under normal conditions and circumstances a person like Anna Hazare who was neither a think tank nor a modern intellectual cannot capture the imagination of the youth. However the call he gave cladding himself as a Gandhian impressed the youths so much so that they had participated in that movement in tens of thousands. And on the occasion of the raping incident of a girl named by the media as Nirbaya, once again our country witnessed an upsurge of the youth. Though this mobilization was against corruption on the one hand and the cruel treatment meted out to the dignity of women on the other, actually the undercurrent that worked in those who participated in the movement was the dissatisfaction and the discontentment based upon the prevailing state of affairs of our society, state and government.

Whether the country men and the politicians have taken note of this or not the ruling capitalist has taken a lesson from this that a wave of movement is taking shape posing a great challenge to the existing social order of our country. As a breeder of the ills affecting the social life as a whole the ruling class wanted to take an anticipatory step to forestall this upsurge and decided to select an appropriate political party and a person capable of stemming this tide. This decision the ruling class has taken seeing the utter failure of the steps taken by the Congress led central government to control these movements. Though the Congress was the trusted agent of the ruling class so far, the ineffective ways it adopted and the formal methods it employed to face the potentially dangerous situation emerging against the system and its backbone, the ruling class led it to earn the displeasure of the ruling capitalist class. It wanted to take some drastic steps donning another suitable garb. That is, the garb of fascism.

Unlike many political parties queuing up to serve the capitalist class of our country BJP has got an added advantage. It has got a parent ideology oriented organization keeping within its fold a solid force of cadres, who can be easily deployed to suit its needs and necessities. That organization, the RSS is enjoying the support of the corporate houses and the funding by which they can maintain such a big force of cadres, men and machinery throughout the country. It sensed the desire and the wish of the capitalist class and decided to throw a tested and tried communal war horse under its command to take command of the situation. It was Narendra Modi who emerged and occupied the throne of governmental power in Gujarat by promoting his communal agenda and maintained that by instigating riots as and when necessary and possible. When it was decided at its headquarters in Nagpur that Mr. Modi would be the prime ministerial candidate the other leaders who are intellectually and intelligence and knowledge wise far more superior to Mr. Modi have no other go but to accept Mr. Modi’s leadership with little or no resistance and only in the form of small murmurs here and there. RSS with its shrewdness sensed Mr. Modi as the most capable person in adopting diversionary tactics to befool the masses and a past master in the art of covering up his criminal misdeeds under the carpet without any shadow of evidence. Right from that time corporate houses have started showering with money power and all out media backing to project Mr. Modi as the super-man choice for the prime ministerial post.

Since India happens to be a country with multitude of differences consisting of so many nationalities, small production and a considerable percentage of minorities, bringing about fascism through the projection of a person like Modi, who is well known for his communal mindset is not an easy job. The media and the corporate money power adopt a no hole barred strategy to make an all out projection by making Goebbelsian propaganda and supplying false figures and data spunning out from thin air about the development model of Gujarat. Their plan is to make such an aggressive propaganda which can funk the minorities and downtrodden people to such a level that they cannot think of taking a firm stand against Modi in fear of the aftermath of election results. That is in case he becomes the prime minister then they will have to face the music.

The condition prevailing in the country is very much conducive to this development. All the political parties in our country are after pelf and power. Their standard, morality in public life are at an all time low level. Further politics has become a thriving business as far as those parties are concerned. So they do not see the emergence of the danger of fascism but they in their heart of heart see only the shrewdness of Modi. Quite unexpectedly many regional outfits are vying with one another to join hands with Modi to enjoy political power. Congress party on the other hand meekly submits this onslaught perhaps with the avowed intension that if we do not raise a hue and cry now against the unlawful, immoral projection of Modi our chance next time as an alternative to it will be bright.

In this regard the attitude reflected by the mainstream parties such as CPI and CPM, who are calling themselves as communists is no better. Not only that they have not understood the development of this menace but also fail to take into account the role parties like Aam Aadmi can play in creating a counter campaign against Modi brand of fascism. Taking its crusade first against municipal and government office level corruption Aam Aadmi party proceeded to the level of exposing corporate corruption by filing an FIR against the number one corporate house of our country, the Reliance of Mukesh Ambani. The leaders of CPI and CPI (M) parties are reflecting a complacent attitude in this regard and think that the victory of BJP led by Modi is not that way possible. They were after the regional outfits at the service of the regional capitalist class such as Samajwadi Party, Biju Janada Dal and AIADMK. This opportunist stand they take with the intention of forming a Government in case a condition of hung parliament emerged after the election with the help and support of Congress from behind and taste governmental power. As days passed the leaders of AIADMK sensing the direction of the wind of victory blows discarded those two parties in an ignominious manner in Tamil Nadu.

After the fall of socialism in Soviet Union and in the east European countries and falling Mao’s China into the hands of capitalist roaders the leftism and communist movement throughout the world are facing enormous problems. As a result of that the third world countries had to change their attitude towards issues like sovereignty keeping in mind that there is no bulwark socialist camp behind their back for their protection. The capitalist have boldly introduced hire, tire, and fire method to unleash ruthless exploitation against the working class. All the hard won rights of the working class have been taken away. The right to form trade union itself is at stake. The trade unions in the existing industries of the manufacturing sectors were being shown the door while in the newly developing industries in special economic zone and elsewhere, the right to form trade union is either denied or discouraged to the core. All these undemocratic actions and deeds are covered up under the slogans of development, making our country shining and making it a super power. The hard won right of eight hour working day enshrined in the labor legislation of the country has been made practically inapplicable and non viable. Unfortunately all these anti worker measures were brought about without much or no resistance from the parties functioning in the name and under the banner of leftism and communism.

Under this suffocating condition and atmosphere the working people of our country is in utter frustration. The middle class and its youth force is harboring the illusion that the creation of jobs, growth and slow down are not as per the operation of the capitalist economic law but at the disposal and sweet will of some larger than life individuals like Modi. They find it very difficult to digest the reality that under capitalism the highest possible growth has already been achieved all over the world and without increasing the purchasing power of the people, market expansion cannot takes place; And purchasing power can never be increased under this crisis ridden capitalism which shifts all the burden of their crisis onto the shoulders of the workers by unleashing mounting exploitation. The present education system of mass production of technocrats devoid of human and social content helps very much for the development of these mindsets. The neglect of the studies of humanities and social sciences reduced the present day student community to the level of robots. This condition is very much conducive and favorable to the development of fascism.

The danger signals have already started appearing in the form of attacks on the fundamental rights. Freedom of expression has already been curtailed by the self imposed censorship of the world renowned publisher Penguin India Ltd. By the withdrawal of its publication of Donizer’s book -Hinduism - An Alternative History in fear of unwanted troubles at the hands of some Hindutva organization particularly in the background of the chances of Modi becoming the Prime Minister it dealt a deadly blow to the intellectual section and the reading public of our country. By threatening to file a court case against that book under section 295 (b) of IPC one newly formed Hindu organization waged and succeeded in its ignominious mission of unleashing an onslaught against the freedom of expression and our legitimate right of knowing.

Hence the need of the hour is to mobilize all the left and democratic forces all over the country and closing their ranks by engaging them in an effective anti-fascist propaganda calling for the defeat of fascism. Modi is being projected by the capitalist with the end in view that he will put an end to the working class movement and make India a big Gujarat where there is no trade unionism and working class movement and converted it into a place where the minorities are under grip of panic and fear. So it is not the fact that he will direct his guns only against his enemies on communal grounds. But as a true servant of the capitalist class living up to its expectations he will put an end to working class movement and the left and communist movements working for the fundamental change of the social order.

Hence we are duty bound to accomplish the twin tasks of exposing the corruption ridden congress on the one hand and effectively launch a propaganda as well as practical movement against Modi led fascism. This can be done taking in to account the local issues also for the propaganda in this direction. While fielding candidates wherever possible and supporting left and democratic political parties where their candidate are in the field we should forge our strength in support of the pro-movement Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which is capturing the imagination of the youths, students and other well minded sections of the people. By following this multipronged strategy we can do our level best against the presently rising fascist menace and also lay the foundation for the powerful anti-fascist movement for the future. The fascist condition is not only a menace but it will also open up the possibility for the determined struggles of the people against the system which can shake the exploitative system to the roots and pave the way for the over throw of the decayed system which is a cause for all the ills encountering the people and society.

Communist Workers Platform(CWP) of India

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Democracy and Class Struggle wish to make clear that we do no endorse the Aam Aadmi Party  and that our position on the Indian Elections is best expressed by the Communist Party of India ML Naxalbari here;


Harsh Thakor said...

Wish to confirm how you posted a statement of Communist Workers party of India supporting the Aam Aadmi party.This outfit has no class analysis or any demarcations from ruling class politics.It's agenda has no revolutionary positions opposing the imperialist forces or the bourgeois or any agenda combating the policies of the t capitalists and landlordism.Infact it dances to the tune of revisionist parties,even if it opposes corruption.Even Red Flag party of K.N.Ramchandran is critical of it.Supporting Kejriwal is mee tailism.Could I post you a criticism of it's policies.I can't understand how the CWC statement is in line with revolutionary politics.R.D.F i s very critical of AAP.

Harsh Thakor said...

Without an anti-feudal,anti-imperialist programme communal fascism cannot be combated.The Aama Admi party collaborates with such forces.

nickglais said...

This report was sent to me by a Sri Lankan Comrade and I published has part of my anti Narenda Modi Fascism campaign.

Democracy and Class Struggle endorses the political line of the Communist Party of India ML Naxalbari on the Indian Elections.

Thanks for your comments which gave us a n opportunity to clarify our own position and if you have any statements of the RDF on AAP we would be pleased to publish them.