Monday, April 28, 2014

Norway : Stop political repression : Kjell Gunnar Larsen, communist activist through 40 years was arrested today.

Stop political repression 
Kjell Gunnar Larsen, communist activist through 40 years was arrested today.
With his living partner, he was arrested in his own home this morning. With this, the harassment of SOS Rasisme is reaching a new level. Since state repression of the organization started in 2008, the accusations have fallen like hail.
It is an old and well used trick from rulers in all countries to brand opposition as criminal. In Russia, opposition gets arrested for “piracy” of computer programs. In Norway the accusations are a bit more advanced, but no less false and constructed.
SOS Rasisme has met the accusations with thorough documentation. In these days members of parliament is let off the hook for personal corruption. This happens in gross contrast to how the activist Kjell Gunnar Larsen is treated.
Serve the People send our warm thoughts to both the arrested, and hope they are let out sooner than later. We encourage friends and comrades, from Norway and internationally, to send supportive letters trough
We appeal to join the Red Block First of May and show that the opposition is alive, despite of state repression.
Smash class “justice”! The struggle continues!
Tjen Folket

Democracy and Class Struggle says contact your Norwegian Embassy and call for release  of two comrades arrested this morning in Norway :


Norwegian Embassy 

25 Belgrave Square
London SW1X 8QD

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7591 5500

Letter send to Norwegian Ambassador in London today.

Please send letters to Norwegian Embassy protesting this arrest on the eve of May Day by one of Norway's best working class sons.

Dear Ambassador,

Norway arresting Kjell Gunnar Larsen and his parther this morning sends a message that democracy in Norway is in danger.

One of Europe's and Norways leading political activists against Racism has ...been arrested.

We call for his and his partners immediate release before Norways human rights image is further damaged.

Yours Sincerely

Nicholas Glais

Subject: Arrest - Kjell Gunnar Larsen
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 18:28:21 +0100

To whom it may concern,

Re: above

I have only seen a notice through the internet regarding the arrest of Kjell and one of his comrades but if it is true - and many of are aware that that there has been a campaign of persecution conducted against those active in SOS Racisme over the past few years - then I wish to protest as an Irish communist, trade unionist and comrade and friend of Kjell.

I am aware that Norway is part of a reactionary western alliance - presently involved through NATO  in a genocidal war of occupation in Afghanistan and appears to be applying the abuse of Afghan human rights to its own citizens      

If true it is no accident that outstanding son of the working-class is placed in custody a few days before the international celebration.

I also note that your Minister of Defence, Ms Ine Eriksen Soreide, is visiting the UK tomorrow - 28-04-1- no doubt to liaise in NATO's warmongering in Ukraine- which Norway along with UK - toadies along behind the plan of aggression that has been initiated against the people that country by the USA. 

No doubt your Washington masters will support this repression against progressives and communists and no doubt the repulsive Brevik would thank you for saving him a bullet as well as welcoming your positive support of openly fascist Ukrainian groups, such as Right Sector, now part of US-installed Quisling Kiev regime. (I am sure that we he living the equally vile Quisling would also welcome your present extreme right-wing macro and micro repressive stratagems)

We shall be celebrating May Day in London with the TUC march and rally - we hope that our Norwegian brothers and sisters will be released by then to participate in Norway's May Day.  

Yours sincerely,

Peter Tobin

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