Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Merchants of Nations are targeting Cyprus - statement from KOE

 Press Statement of KOE

1. The Communist Organization of Greece denounces the cynical blackmail of the Germany-dominated EU against the Republic of Cyprus and the Cypriot people. The Merkelists are testing in Cyprus an upgrade of the “tools” they have used so far, with a double aim: a) to fully dismantle the economic status of Cyprus, b) to achieve total political control on this exceptionally important, geopolitically and economically, island.

2. The Communist Organization of Greece denounces the Un-Holly Alliance of European usurers, also known as "Eurogroup", which attempts to strangle the independence of Cyprus using the Memorandum’s noose.

Moreover, KOE condemns the slavish and complicit tripartite Greek government of Samaras, who had the impudence to declare that “stands by our Cypriot brothers” while obediently voted in favor of the disastrous decisions of the Eurogroup. As for the newly elect Cypriot president, mister Anastassiadis, there are no words to describe his criminal policy – especially as, just a month ago, he was reassuring the people that he will never accept any haircut on the citizens’ bank deposits, only to follow very fast his friend Samaras, who was the first to make a complete U-turn and submit to Merkel’s dictates.

3. The Communist Organization of Greece expresses wholehearted solidarity with the struggle of the Cypriot people against the US and European imperialists, who use the banking problem as battering ram in order to force the transformation of Cyprus into a protectorate. Their previous similar attempt, back in 2004 through the “Annan Plan”, had been repulsed by the historical and massive popular NO of the Cypriot people in the referendum. The US and European imperialist never forgave that historic NO to the colonial “Annan Plan”, and now return with vindictive fury against the Cypriot sovereignty.

4. The Greek people, also suffering and facing the spectrum of the social and national dismantling, stands by the side of the Cypriot people, in stark contrast with the IMF-EU-ECB Troika and with the “internal Troika” of the tripartite Greek government. Finding ourselves in the epicenter of sharpening antagonisms between various imperialist powers, with Greece becoming a colony on the brink of catastrophe and Cyprus facing the extinction of its very existence as an independent state, it is our deep conviction that the uprising of the peoples of southern Europe and of the Mediterranean is a common need and a common destiny.

5. As the chairman of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras said today, 

"Those who think they can blackmail our peoples forever shall now realize that it is too risky to play with the fire. Now, they are obliged to grasp that, no matter what their obedient pro-Troika governments say and do, the peoples shall not surrender without a fight. The peoples of Europe have not yet said their last word!

The Greek and the Cypriot people shall trigger a global counterattack of the European peoples against the destructive plans of EU’s leadership. The Greek and the Cypriot people shall pave the way towards another Europe, a Europe of solidarity, democracy and social cohesion."

6. Our slogans:
National Sovereignty – against the domination by the usurers and the German EU
Territorial Integrity – against the transformation of countries into protectorates
Social Salvation – against bailing out the banks
Mediterranean, Sea of Peace – not a region of imperialist interventions and wars
For another Europe, of the Peoples and of Genuine Democracy
Athens, 19/3/2013

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