Sunday, January 6, 2019

France: Yellow vest protesters play out "Act 8" in Paris



The Observer has learned that BNP founder Nick Griffin is among a cohort of prominent far-right figures keen to hijack the UK’s yellow-vest movement, which has recently appropriated the high-visibility jackets worn in the French gilet jaune protests.

Griffin has established links with a recently formed group called Liberty Defenders that purports to fight for civil rights. 

This group is attempting to establish itself as a prominent part of the UK’s yellow vests and in turn hoping to hijack the Brexit debate to gain support.

According to Hope Not Hate, which monitors far-right activity, prominent members of the group include former soldier Tim Scott, who once led the UK branch of Germany’s anti-Islam group Pegida, and former Ukip candidate Jack Sen, who was suspended from the party over racially charged comments.


Anonymous said...

as a yellow vest, and as a spokesman for the yellow vest movement, i would like to say the yellow vest movement doesn't believe in fascism or communism.

the yellow vest movement doesn't have leaders.

totalitarian leftists and rightists are not us.

anyone can put on a yellow vest.
even me. but few of us trust the tired dogma.

nickglais said...

You seem to miss the obvious point that capitalism is a totalitarian system particularly in its neo liberal form in the shape of Macron who will not tolerate any alternatives - open your eyes totalitarianism is not something that the "other" does but is part of intolerant system here and NOW!

nickglais said...