Thursday, December 6, 2018

SETTE FRATELLI - Modena City Ramblers

Plain of the Seven Brothers

Earth water and wind there was no time for fear

Born under a star the most beautiful of the plain

They had a scythe and large hands peasants and before going to sleep prayed

Pater Noster as children Seven children seven of bread and honey who give them?

Seven as the notes so I'll sing them a song Rain snow and ice the fire flies with wine and leave thoughts along with the smoke up the chimney

They had a barn and the step time of whose know how to dance and take his love by the hand for the life Seven brothers seven of bread and honey who give them?

Do not give them to war to boogeyman don't give Cloud lightning and thunder there's no forgiveness for that night when the fascists came and took away them with kicks and beatings

They left a greeting and of hugs the stronger

They had the look of those who go to meet the fate Seven children seven seven brothers who give them?

Told us the plain: I'll never forget these my sons Seven men seven seven wounds seven dreams Told us the plain: Alcide's sons are never dead

And in that plain from King Valley to Red Fields we passed trough one day and crying in the fog we took off the hat


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