Sunday, August 5, 2018

US Journalists get mounting death threats from Trump supporters but they still lie for the good old USA and spread assassination of Maduro was a hoax - be careful who you lie for US Journalists

Trump = death threats to US journalists = assassination of opponents of US Imperialism like Maduro = Fascism in the making USA Style.

CNN on Venezuela is in an alternative universe taking the White House Lies as truth because it suits them

Watching CNN for the last 24 hours we have witnessed verbal gymnastics to deny reality of attempted assassination of Nicholas Maduro - it is just Maduro's point of view that he was subject of attempted assassination - it is almost the level of the tabloid Sun in UK which devotedly pushes the CIA narrative of the "hoax" of the assassination.

US Journalists say they are in fear of assassination but are to scared to speak the truth about the attempted assassination of Nicholas Maduro because that might let out the truth of  the disposition matrix.

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