Monday, July 2, 2018

Karen Shakhnazarov, director, People's Artist of Russia : I believe the Soviet Union was the peak of Russian Eurasian Civilization - when Russian out did the West both in terms of culture and technology

Democracy and Class Struggle says the comment of Karen Shakhnazarov on the Soviet Union in Russia's history apart from being factually correct is also politically important.

The trendy hatred of the Soviet Union ill serves Russia and the forces of national and social liberation in the West.

The political subjectivism about the Soviet Union on the Left and the Right deal with partial truths and not the picture of the Soviet Union as a whole.

In that regard the deeply philosophical historian the late Domenico Losurdo grasped the totality of the Soviet Union in history something which Karen Shakhnazarov director of People's Artists of Russia also grasped in this speech on Russia One.

We welcome this more profound understanding of the Soviet Union in history and would like it to be translated into contemporary politics..

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