Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Trump Should Be Urgently Sent to Lunatics Asylum by Pak Chol Jun

 Democracy and Class Struggle says Pak  Chol Jun says it as it is Trump in just his first year in office has seen the Atomic Clock move twice until on 28th January 2018 it was at two minutes to doomsday the level of dangerous 1953.

Those people that try to normalize Trump are endangering human existence on this planet - the man is not just abnormal but dangerous.

  In the recent "State of the Union Address", old lunatic Trump said that the DPRK is threatening the U.S. mainland by "reckless nuclear and missile pursuit". 

Not content with slandering the DPRK over "degeneration" and "oppression", he took issue with the non-existent "human rights".

  This is the intolerable politically-motivated provocation and tyrannical blackmail of the boss of gangsters and hysteric fit of a lunatic against the DPRK.

  No matter how desperately Trump may try to defame the dignified and just system in the DPRK with worst invectives, he can not deodorize nasty smell from his dirty body woven with frauds, sexual abuses and all other crimes nor keep the U.S. from rushing to the final destruction.

  There is a foolish attempt to make pretence for provocation and pave the road for invasion ahead of conducting the military adventure "bloody nose strategy" in the invectives of Trump recalling Bush's reckless remarks of "axis of evil".

  Dolt-like Trump should know that his backbone would be broken, to say nothing of "bloody nose", and the empire of America would go to the hell and the short history of the U.S. would end forever, the moment he destroys even a single blade of grass on this land.

  It is the only way for the U.S. and the world concord and peace to urgently detain Trump, who is putting the U.S. and the world in turmoil, in the isolated hospital of psychopaths.

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