Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nuking North Korea is tempting by Henry Kissinger - Normalizing Horror by a War Criminal - Time to wake up

Democracy and Class Struggle  says Kissinger the warmongering son of a bitch should be dragged into a court for three genocides he has been responsible for - Kyle has swallowed some shit about North Korea  but his points about Kissinger are valid and well documented.

25 million people live in North Korea and one of their lives is worth a thousand times more than the war criminal Kissinger.

"We will hit that fork in the road, and the temptation to deal with it with a pre-emptive attack is strong, and the argument is rational, but I have seen no public statement by any leading official,’ 

President Nixon’s secretary of State Kissinger told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  

A Reminder of Kissinger's Crimes

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