Sunday, August 6, 2017


 CARC Press Agency August 6, 2017 

We learn with pleasure and pride the public message sent by President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro in which he thanked three Italian political parties for unconditional support for the Bolivarian cause and the Venzuela National Constituent Assembly: the Communist Refoundation Party, the CARC Party And the New Communist Party of Italy.

We have vigorously maintained and continue to argue that on July 30, the Bolivarian Revolution has won an important battle against the international community of European, American and Zionist imperialist groups. 

The reactionary forces of Venezuela, the US imperialist oligarchs and the European Union, and the enslaved governments of some Latin American countries have mobilized the forces they have in Venezuela to prevent the Venezuelan people from participating in the constituent assembly elections at all costs Led by the Maduro government.

Venezuelan events are rich in teachings for Communists and advanced elements of the Italian masses. Today we Communists are struggling because in our country the popular masses form in every company and in every area of the country working and popular organisms that, in cases where it is possible to do it locally, face at least the most serious manifestations of the catastrophic course of things 

Communists we have an analysis of the course of things, we reason, and we come up with a line to come to our head. Precisely because these (analysis, cause and line) are well reasoned and we have clearly defined them (unless verifying them and making any adjustments), each of us acts  best performs its capabilities the task assigned to it in Party action plan.

Long Live  the Venezuelan people and the construction of the socialist revolution all over the world!

Lively proletarian internationalism and the highest form communists around the world can do: make the Socialist Revolution in your own country!

Hasta la victoria siempre!

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