Sunday, August 6, 2017

Black Page in United Nations History : Trump congratulates China and Russia on further Sanctions on North Korea

Democracy and Class Struggle says the United Nations Security Council sanctions on North Korea is another black page in the history of this organisational tool of United States Imperialism.

Moreover it  illustrates for all who have eyes the social imperialist character of China and the "neo" imperialist character of Putin's Russia who still curries favour with US Imperialism at the expense of the Korean People despite United States sanctions on the Russian People.

These new sanctions will not deter the Korean people in the North of their peninsula  but will energize their compatriots in the South to come to their aid - Korean Unity and Unification is more important than ever to smash United States Imperialism once and for all on the Korean Peninsula.

The United States has had Nuclear Weapons in South Korea since 1958 in violation of the Armistice Agreement and pointed at North Korea - in fact twenty per cent of the United Nations Nuclear arsenal is in South Korea pointing northward.

The United Nations says North Korea cannot have nuclear weapons or carry out nuclear tests but must remain defenseless in face of the most blatant imperialist subversion - with talk of pre-emptive attack still on the US Agenda and talk of "preventive war" at the United Nations.

Democracy and Class Struggle pointed out the speech of Mike Pompeo the Director of the CIA who made clear at Aspen Colorado that the United States is working of overthrow the leadership of North Korea and collapse the North Korean State.

Where is the United Nations condemnation of this speech and aggressive actions against North Korea including attempted assassination of its leadership

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