Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Turkish army continues attacking Rojava, 1 soldier killed

The People's Protection Units (YPG) Media Centre has said that 3 helicopters belonging to the Turkish army bombed areas in Northern Syria-Rojava and that a Turkish soldier was killed following an attempt to enter the region.

The written statement by the YPG entitled, "Turkish army continues its attacks on Rojava" said Turkish soldiers tried to enter Rojava on 3 January 2017 from Tirbespiye's (Al-Qahtaniyah) Zerbe region near Zorava village, in Syria's northeast.

"The Turkish army's attempt to invade Rojava was repeated twice before recently. Our forces responded to the Turkish army's aggression on 3 January and a short battle ensued during which a Turkish soldier was killed."

The statement also reported that 3 helicopter belonging to the Turkish army crossed into Northern Syria-Rojava from inbetween Girke Lege (Al-Muabbada) and Cil Axa (Al-Jawadiyah) towns on the evening of 3 January and bombed the countryside before leaving from Til Kocher."

According to reports two civilians were killed and 15 injured when the Turkish army attacked the Sheikh Nasir village of Erima town to the west of Manbij with howitzer fire, also on 3 January.

There has also been a sustained military campaign against several villages to the east of Kobane recently.

Source: ANHA