Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Norway : Verdicts in the Great Norwegian State Frame Up of SOS Racism

Verdicts so far in the great Norwegian State frame up of SOS Racism is that three comrades have got sentences to serve time.

Our Comrades Kjell Gunnar Larsen, Bjarne and  Trond has got sixty days - given the years the Norwegian State have prosecuted this case and the millions spent on it by Government this is a victory for comrades who exposed in Court this frame up by Norwegian State for all to see
Our Comrades Kenneth Fuglemsmo, and  Jan Erik  and Anne Elizabeth Hansen and Henrik Ormasen got six months probation no jail time.

Democracy and Class Struggle salutes the struggle of Norwegian comrades who waged a protracted struggle in the Norwegian Courts against the Norwegian State and its frame up - given the millions spent by the Norwegian State and the years taken comrades should  take some satisfaction with their struggle.

Red Salute to Norwegian Comrades