Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Imperialism,the Refugee Crisis, and EU : Smash EU Militarism and Racism

Democracy and Class Struggle welcome this speech of  Professor Feyzi Ismail.

Feyzi Ismail's interpretation of the UK Brexit vote is similar to ours and goes beyond the superficial appearance of some of the so called Leftists to the essence of the EU and its militarism and racism.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick Glais,

here you go again, with your support for Brexit alongside Counterfire, the ex SWP that was the leadership of Respect Unity Coalition, and who have walked hand in hand with George Galloway and the SWP and Jeremy Corbyn. As such, you are simply a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.

You are on the lexit side, alongside Galloway, the CPGB ML, the SWP, Counterfire and Jeremy Corbyn himself who did not really get behind the Remain campaign.

Unfortunately, the Brexit campaign was led by Nigel Farage, and it was the far right that won it, largely thanks to muppets like you. Someone told me that you are a bit like a latter day Saunders Lewis, alongside your pal Gethin. Like you, Saunders Lewis ended up supporting Fascists.

If you are a serious Welsh Nationalist, you should get behind Plaid Cymru and Leanne Wood, a Marxist Feminist. Instead, you are in bed with Galloway and Farage. For an independent Wales inside the EU!

Andy (Plaid supporter, ex CPGB (in the early 1980s)

Real Marxists support Plaid.
There should be another referendum.

nickglais said...

Clearly you have never read of any of may articles attacking George Galloway and Nigel Farage in Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr or you would not mouth such idiocies has contained in this comment.

Someone who believes in an "Independent Wales" in the European Union neither understands the word "independent" nor what a "supra national" and not international organisation like the EU really is.

You reach the height of comedy when you say "real Marxists" support Leanne and Plaid - her version of socialism owes much to Robert Owen and reformist socialism and has absolutely nothing in common with marxist revolutionary socialism of William Thompson who opposed Robert Owen's pro capitalism, Thompson influenced Marx and James Connolly and John Maclean and the politics of Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr in the 21st Century..

Smearing me as a Catholic fascist like Saunders Lewis shows how far your politics have degenerated - just like Leanne getting backing from UKIP to be Welsh First Minister in a totally unprincipled and opportunist manner.