Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Soviet Revolution's Impact on the Third World

Vijay Prashad, Chief Editor of Leftward books on his new book ‘Red Star Over the Third World’, the Russian revolution’s impact on the colonised world, the early growing relationship between Islam and revolutionary communism, the growing relationship between the US, CIA and radical Islam and how we must take inspiration from Lenin’s outlook before the 1917 revolution!

‘Like the brilliant sun, the October Revolution shone over all five continents, awakening millions of oppressed and exploited people around the world. There has never existed such a revolution of such significance and scale in the history of humanity’. – Ho Chí Minh 

From Cuba to Vietnam, from China to South Africa, the October Revolution remains as an inspiration. After all, that Revolution proved that the working class and the peasantry could not only overthrow an autocratic government but that it could form its own government, in its image. It proved decisively that the working class and the peasantry could be allied. 

It proved as well the necessity of a vanguard party that was open to spontaneous currents of unrest, but which could guide a revolution to completion. 

This book explains the power of the October Revolution for the Third World. It is not a comprehensive study, but a small book with a large hope – that a new generation will come to see the importance of this revolution for the working class and peasantry in that part of the world that suffered under the heel of colonial domination

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