Tuesday, February 12, 2019

This Coup Is Openly Led By The U.S.: Arreaza

The United States is not only brazen but strident in support of a Venezuelan Coup - the self deception that the United States in believing its own propaganda spewed out on CNN and Fox News reminds us of the Nazi Propaganda machine with its six to eight weeks war against the Soviet Union  which it completely misread because the pull of its own propaganda machine was so strong.

Reality has its own power as the Soviet Union proved against Nazi Germany and Venezuela will light the fire on entire continent of Latin America - first to consumed by the coming War will be Colombia followed by Brazil.

The unintended consequences of US Invasion of Iraq was the empowerment of Iran and the unintended consequences of US Imperialist and it proxies attack on Venezuela will the reconfiguration of Latin America - it will not be  a short - it will be protracted War but the communities of the oppressed and suffering will smash the comprador Latin American Elites and the venal communities of power and write the obituary of the United States in Latin America - Latin America and Venezuela did not pick this fight - it was a United States decision and a most historically fatal one at the beginning of the 21st Century..


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