Friday, February 8, 2019

Geo-Political Realignments Over Venezuela and the Carnival of Reaction

Democracy and Class Struggle takes account of geo-politics but internal class contradictions are the main drivers of politics with the exception outlined below by Mao Zedong 

"When imperialism launches a war of aggression against such a country, all its various classes, except for some traitors, can temporarily unite in a national war against imperialism.

At such a time, the contradiction between imperialism and the country concerned becomes the principal contradiction, while all the contradictions among the various classes within the country (including what was the principal contradiction, between the feudal system and the great masses of the people) are temporarily relegated to a secondary and subordinate position"

Mao Zedong on Contradiction.

The Spectrum of support for US Imperialism comes from Liberal Imperialists at the New Statesman in the United Kingdom to those ultra leftists or infantile communists who see Chinese and Russia's influence in Venezuela the same as US Military intervention, sanctions and subversion.

Then we have the right wing fascistic  hysterical off the Wall James Forrestal type view of Mike Pompeo of Iranian influence in Venezuela and Latin America. Lunacy is not just  a personal Trump phenomena it infects Mike Pompeo.It originates at Breitbart the fantasy factory.

From Liberal Imperialism to Infantile Communists to Mike Pompeo's Madness we have a carnival of reaction and its cheerleaders.

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