Saturday, October 6, 2018

India: Harsh Thakor says Salute Krantikari Pendu Mazdoor Union Rally in Longowal Village in Punjab


In Punjab today 7 lakh Dalit families are still landless and 1,50000 belong to the poor peasantry.

40 Lakh acres of land is lying vacant and unavailable.

If all distributed every Dalit family could possess at least 4 and a half acres of land.

In recent months the KPMU has led a series of struggles in vilages like Dhuri, Badli  Kalan, Jaloor, Namol and Chajli.Sangrur region protecting the Dalit panchayat rights from the ruling class agents who had the connivance of the administration.

The conference or rally organised by Krantikari Pendu Mazdoor union in Longowal village in Punjab was an event not only of significance to Punjab but to the agrarian revolutionary movement in India as a whole.

The theme was based on the path of the Dalit community to attain liberation from the tyranny of the ruling classes and how Ambedkar and Sikhism had to be interpreted in accordance to condition existing today.

A red spark literally lit the town hall in Longowal on October 3rd. 1500 Participants came from around 50 villages from Sangrur and Mansa...

An event of great qualitative success which exposed how Punjab is still morally a semi-feudal state even if landlords of the conventional type are not operating..Meticuluos efforts and planning were made to mobilise the Dalit community for the event by holding village level meetings all over the district.

There was a very fine introductory speech by Lakhweer Longowal the secretary of He Longowal KPMU unit where he summarised the tyranny the Dalit labourers faced at the hands of the ruling classes and the heroic land capture struggles in 50 villages in Sangrur. Participants came from around 50 villages from Sangrur and Mansa.

Professor Jatinder Singh meticulously explained the participants that without revolutionary class struggle . 

Ambedkar's ideas would go into oblivion having no concrete solution to problems.

He rebuked the manner in which Hindu rightists were trying to use and project Ambedkar for their sectarian gains to promote Hindu fascism.

He also explained how ruling classes were manipulating Sikh ism to suppress or divert the genuine movements.What was significant was the considerable participation of youth and student community.

The KPMU demanded 1/3 rd distribution of panchayat land to all Dalit labourers,awarding of 10 Marlas of land to every Dalit family,Regular employment,Prevention of Nazoor land being illegally sold by ruling class elements implementation of the 1970 land ceiling act which prevented anyone from owning more than 10 acres of land,and all land wards for Dalits to be made permanent.

Other resolutions passed were for scrapping all unjust laws and implementing laws protecting Scheduled castes,condemning the arrests of the intellectuals who were arrested on framed or false charges ,opposing rise in prices of Petrol and diesel and for girls to have freedom in hostels. By making them open for 24 hours.

The success of the meet is owed to the painstaking groundwork of KPMU in organizing land struggles resisting the tyranny of ruling class landlord and goonda elements..

I was privileged to participate in the event.

The cultural songs also were very touching literally reverberating the hearts of the audience.

One of the best efforts by any organisation to educate the Dalit agricultural labour community in preparing the ground for an agrarian revolution and making them come to grips with the fascist nature of ruling class politics.

Overall around 1500 people assembled but the emphasis was on mobilising the more politically conscious or cream of the political activists.

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