Friday, October 5, 2018

Brazil Faces a Momentous Choice

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Lamarca VillanovaLamarca and 30 others joined Marxist-Leninist: Discussion Organization of Revolutionary Science within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community! Ok, so, I'm Brazilian and the situation over here is pretty dire, to give you more of a context:

The candidate in question, the one who's motivating all these movements the story is depcting, is Jair Messias Bolsonaro, a reformed colonel from the Brazilian Reserve Army, he's been in the political "career" for 27 years already, acting as a legislator. The political base he's been constructing over the lats 30 years orbits around a racist, misogynist, homophobic and xenophopic hate speech. All throughout these years he's been solidifying his support base on the so called "Brasilian Middle Class", or the more structured workers, liberal professionals, especially the ones connected to working the police force, armed forces in general and the groups connected to protestant religions in Brazil. Now, in the presidential election, much like everywhere else in the world, workers in general have been showing their unhappiness toward the bourgeoisie electoral system and liberal democracy, Bolsonaro, very cleaverly and with the support of reactionary groups (brazilian upper classes - the bourgeoisie, especially the the landowners for agro-production) and the support of international think-thanks and foreign capital companies (connected to the US-NATO economic block), has lauched his campaing for presidency constructing a political base and a speech much like Donald Trump has done: talking to the blue collar "middle classes", building notions of nationalism, christian morality, racism, xenophobia. He has the support of armed forced and is theatening a coup d'etat if he doesn't win the presidential election. Currently he leads the presidential race with about 33% of vote intentions, followed by Fernando Haddad (Labour Party candidate) with about 23%.

And he's not our only problem, in this election we're going to determine (as we always do) Governors and the entire legislative and about 1/3 of our senators. The expected result of these elections, as the last one was, is to be of real strenghtening of the reactionary side of the aisle, with deep expansion in influence and numbers for political parties connected to agro-business, protestant churches and the military forces. The situation is aggravated here due to the exeptionally poor performance and line of action of so called "leftist" political parties in Brazil, like PT (labour Party) or PSOL (Socialism and Freedom Party), which, in contrast of adopting a political line of classism and direct action, choose to sell the people's interests in the name of ascending to the political machine. Fascism is growing in Brazil, and fast.

There are some militant groups which are organizing to resist and to rebuild a ML line, connected to the people and organizing the workers, however, anti-communist propaganda has always been pretty strong in Brazil, so we've got much of our work cut out from us. It looks like dire times, it looks like we might - through election or a coup d'etat - face another fascist military dictatorship. The "free-market" seems to be in favor of this, since Brazilian stock market blows up everytime a political survey comes out and shows Bolsonaro leading. We're fighting imperialism, as we've always been, however, imperalist action has been accelerated in Brazil over the last few decades, especially the last five years.

We are going to need help, we are NOT AT ALL ready. We've been working day and night, trying to get the workers ready to resist and advance, but's not been easy.