Saturday, June 2, 2018

Your Life in 2027: A Look at the Future | Vivek Wadhwa

Social relations are  way behind technological progress - the revolution in social relations is coming.

Marxism Leninism Maoism is the ideological tool for the social revolution in the 21st Century and the sooner we make the real socialist transition the better - the later the transition the more painful it will be.

We have the last ditch right wing populism making Globalism instead of Global capitalism the enemy and making religious or national minorities the fall guys for capitalism's problems.

Steve Bannon is quite explicit in his defense of capitalism - the right populism wave he supports is to stop revolution - which is why this right wing wave is the last ditch before the real social revolution.

Vivek Wadhwa is up to speed with the technology but not with the social relations in his own country  - if he did he would see the light coming out of Dandakaranya.

Does he know how to annihilate Caste ?

The name for the society of abundance has a name and it is called communism - that has always been its name and always will be - the opposite of what people have been "programmed" to believe. Capitalism is abundance for the few not the many.

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