Sunday, June 3, 2018

Report on Moga Rally and Protest against Massacres of Indian State by Harsh Thakor

Hail historic rally condemning fascist massacre on adivasis in Gadricholi staged at Shaheed Nachatar Singh hall in Moga today by 4 revolutionary groups.

It shimmered the light of liberation to extinguish the tyranny of fascism.Around 500 people attended and an impactfull demonstration was held at its conclusion.

Darshan Khatkar of CPI ML new democracy narrated how the movement was heading towards the correct path in areas today like Gadricholi .Swaranjeet of inquilabi lok Morcha defended and praised the Maoists stating that they had developed genuine bastions of people's power as an alternative to the tyranny of the ruling classes

He gave examples of the alternative forms of people's powers built by the Maoists..Sukwinder Kaur of lok sangram manch or revolutionary democratic front explained how the commandos were used to attack Adivasis in all areas and not only Maoists.

She gave examples of how even rationing was stopped in Jharkhand and Kanwaljeet khanna of inquilabi Kendra referred to the massacre in Tuticon and on attacks on the working class by corporates. 

N.K Jeet of AFDR spoke about how all norms of civil liberties were violated in Gadricholi in a cold blooded massacre.

Jagsir Namol of Naujwan Bharat Sabah explained the guidelines of building a genuine revolutionary youth movement to defeat fascism.

An event of great qualitative significance which lit. a spark that could turn into a prairie fire.

Unity of 4. Trends amongst communist revolutionary forces is of great significance.

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