Monday, June 11, 2018

India: Cases Filed under National Security Act (NSA) against Six Makkal Athikaaram (People Power) Comrades for fighting against Sterlite !

Dear All,

On 22nd May 2018, The State unveiled the brutal attack on the people of Tuticorin, who peacefully marched towards the Tuticorin Collector Office to urge the state to shut down the Sterlite Unit which is poisoning the Land, water and Air. On that day and the following day, the police opened fire on the innocent people which claims 13 innocent lives. It is reported by most of the Human rights organizations and Fact finding teams that, it was a well-planned murder conducted by the State to terrify the People.

Almost all the Parties in Tamilnadu, except BJP and AIADMK has condemned these brutal murders and accused the Police for this massacre. In order to get away from the blame, the state framed the charges against the Democratic forces who stood for the people in their struggle. On the 3rd day after firing, by 25th May 2018, the police arrested 14 “Makkal Athikaaram” Cadres from south districts of Tamilnadu in Wee hours. 

While arresting they have not given any details about the arrest to the family members of those who were arrested. They have not informed them about “For what charges they arrest them?”, “From Which station they come from?” and “Where they take them to?”. Literally saying, the Police had kidnapped them.

For the next 2 days there were no information provided by the police regarding the whereabouts of the arrested Cadres. After filing Habeas Corpus, Police said that they have arrested them regarding the Tuticorin violence. They have framed the false Charges on the cadres and filed cases. Along with those Makkal Athikaaram cadres, they have also filed cases against the Lawyers, Mr. Vanchinathan and Mr. Hari ragavan, who were the legal advisors for the “Tuticorin – Anti Sterlite Struggle People Committee”. 

Yesterday (10.06.2018), Among those 14 Makkal Athikaaram cadres, six has been booked under National Security Act (NSA).

The details of the cadres are as follows

1. Com. Kottaiyan (40) S/O Chinnan from Usilampatti
2. Com. Saravanan (32) S/O Pandaaram from Kovilpatti
3. Com. Velmurugan (40) S/O Chellathurai from Aalankulam
4. Com. Kaliyaloor Rahman (50) S/O Kaleel From Thirunelveli
5. Com. Muhamad Anas (20) S/O Kaliyaloor Rahman from Thirunelveli
6. Com. Muhamad Isharath (18) S/O Kaliyaloor Rahman from Thirunelveli

Makkal Athikaaram condemns this fascist act of the state to suppress those who stand for the People’s right to live. 

We call for all the democratic forces around the world to lend your voice against this state oppression against ‘Makkal Athikaaram’.

- Makkal Athikaaram

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