Saturday, May 12, 2018

Russian Communists hit home about Russian Economy and Putin bitches about Collapse of Soviet Union - Zhirinovsky is the village idiot

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Russian Revisionist Communists (CPRF) have been hitting home about the Russian Economy and even Putin and the Russian media have to admit that market economy is not serving Russia's strategic interest.

The village idiot fascist Zhirinovsky wants to return to Tsarism and military feudalism - while those who are not mindless in Russia want to get beyond market capitalism and gain economic sovereignity and make a resurgent Russia like the Soviet Union in its revolutionary days - we continue to say the answer is under your feet to Russian comrades - no need to look to Chinese capitalism.

Patriotism and a Socialist Economy go together and smashes the Oligarchic Profit Patriots of Putin's Russia.


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