Sunday, May 13, 2018

India: Resist Operation Green Hunt India's War on its People - Light Shines out of Dandacaranya

Dandacaranya - the Song by Oskar from the group Naxaliterna (the naxalites)

The Sun is rising in Dandacaranya

the eyes of the trees see a people so proud

The Sun is shining and the rivers run free 

Praise the people of  Dandacaranya

The Heart of India covered in darkness, 

Souless soldiers villages burn

For nothing but money so turns this world

Guns to our head 

But we are not dead

No Stay ! Adivasis say 

The Indian Army must run away

A future worth fighting for

Deep in the forests of Dandacaranya


We sing our song to sounds of drum from the forest of Dandacaranya

We cry for our dead and we know what to do

We feast - raise your glass

Salute the People's War that shines out of Dandacaranya

The Sun gives the day

The poor writes the law 

In the forests of Dandacaranya

Smash the plans, their wicked designs

To starve Dandacaranya

The shadow of evil blocks out the sun over the hills and valleys

The enemy flees when the people fight even though blood was spilt

That turns the river red - our flag is flying in Dandacaranya

Resistance never dies , it multiplies 

A forest of people descends on Delhi

Darkness and shadows fades away with the light from Dandacaranya


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