Friday, May 4, 2018

Arundhati Roy’s Latest Novel Takes on Fascism, Rising Hindu Nationalism in India & Abuses in Kashmir

Democracy and Class Struggle says Arundhati Roy's is the best of that spirit which was also the  illusion of bourgeois democratic India -  but it is an India that has been killed stone dead by Hinduvta Fascism of Narendra  Modi and its bodies are found in Gadchiroli.

Today India a land of democratic promise mythologised into "largest democracy in the world" is its polar opposite with its finest like Professor Saibaba in prison and it patriots murdered in Gadchiroli.

There is a wave of communal violence and fear in India today witness the hysterical media coverage of the Gadchiroli massacre calling for more killing of comrades.

India can be a revolutionary democratic socialist country and give the word civilisation a real positive meaning or decend into the eternal turmoil of caste and class struggle.

As long as India produces daughters like Arundhati Roy and sons like Professor Saibaba's there is a thin ray of light that gives hope for India and for all our futures.

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