Tuesday, October 3, 2017

As a Korean saying goes, sorrow is laugher's daughter - Japanese Warmongering gets response from North Korea

Democracy and Class Struggle says Japan is taking the lead warmongering in North Asia even sidelining South Korea in anti DPRK actions saying just like Trumps poodle that dialogue is not needed.

Pyongyang, October 2 (KCNA) -- Prime Minister Abe, the chief cabinet secretary, the foreign minister and other government authorities of Japan are now getting hell-bent on the anti-DPRK moves.

At the recent UN General Assembly Abe said that "pressure, not dialogue, is needed" over the issue of the DPRK while running around the UN stage like a headless chicken to meet leaders of different countries so as to incite "solidarity of the international community".

In particular, Foreign Minister Kono who assumed office not long ago had telephone talks with the foreign ministers of UNSC member states and toured Middle East countries to beg for cooperation in pressurizing the DPRK, only inviting derision of the world.

The Japanese politicians left no stone unturned to clamor about "maximum pressure" on the DPRK, through so-called speech, appearance on TV, summit, telephone talks and other occasions, irrespective of object and place. Their behavior is little short of mad rackets.

The true nature of the Japanese reactionaries using the "theory of crisis on the Korean peninsula" and "fiction of threat from the north" for political purpose has already been exposed to the international community.

The sanctions and pressure rackets Japan keeps up joining the U.S. in its moves to stile the DPRK are aimed to ceaselessly strain the situation on the peninsula under the pretext of the latter's counteraction.

Japan thinks that it can without difficulty attain its political aims when "security crisis" goes into gear.

The "security crisis" based on the situation of the peninsula is just a "problem" that has to be invented as it helps calm down the strong domestic and international protest against the revision of constitution, facilitate Japan's militarization and at the same time strengthen inside unity and save the present rulers driven into a tight corner with corruption and irregularities, economic difficulty, etc.

The Japanese reactionaries have already revised the law on punishing organized crimes and drastically increased defense cost and dissolved the House of Representatives in the wake of cabinet reshuffle for early elections. This is part of efforts for sinister political goal.

Nevertheless, it's too early to wear a complacent smile.

As a Korean saying goes, sorrow is laugher's daughter.

Japan's such rackets inciting the tension of the Korean peninsula is a suicidal deed that will bring nuclear clouds to the Japanese archipelago.

No one knows when the touch-and-go situation will lead to a nuclear war, but if so, the Japanese archipelago will be engulfed in flames in a moment. This is too self-evident.

If the Japanese people, the first victim of nuclear disaster in the world, are offered in sacrifice owing to handful militarist reactionaries' political aim, it will be a tragedy of the century.

The Japanese politicians should stop acting rashly in an attempt to derive a benefit from the tense situation on the Korean peninsula and had better think twice about the consequences

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