Saturday, March 4, 2017

North Korea and Malaysia - North Korean Ambassador Expelled - Kim Jong Nam Death: North Korean Says Malaysia Cops Threatened Family

 "These men kept telling me to admit to the crime, and if not, my whole family would be killed, and you too won't be safe. If you accept everything, you can live a good life in Malaysia," Ri said."This is when I realized that it was a trap ... they were plotting to tarnish my country's reputation."

 National police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said he will hold a press conference on Tuesday to respond to Ri's comments. Meanwhile, immigration Director-General Mustafar Ali said Friday that Ri has been blacklisted from re-entering Malaysia.

Democracy and Class Struggle has no special information on this question but we do doubt how such a death could benefit North Korea because one of the results of the death was the cancelling of an informal North Korean meeting with United States.

Also the use of VX in a public space was going to put a negative spotlight on North Korea - South Korean CIA has access to VX from US Chemical Warfare Unit in South Korea and they also have motive to distract attention from the current political chaos in South Korea.

Just asking the Cui Bono Question - Who benefits question does not rule out North Korea but makes it less likely.

The North Korean Ambassador to Malaysia was expelled for criticizing Malaysia's handling of death of Kim Jong Nam.

By disrupting North Korean Malaysian Friendship - South Korea and United States are the winners from the death of Kim Jong Nam..