Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Resurgent Right in Latin America : Problems or Opportunities ?

Democracy and Class Struggle says the resurgent right must be confronted by revolutionary communist forces on the Latin American battlefield in 2017.

Trump will deepen the contradictions in Latin America especially with Mexico which may provide opportunities for the revolutionary left.

New dynamics in Colombia also provide new revolutionary opportunities.

The anti hegemonic struggle against US imperialism of Venezuela must be supported and become a genuine anti capitalist anti imperialist struggle - with no deals with likes of Goldman Sachs. 

Brazil needs a renewal of revolutionary forces to smash the rightists and their armed power.

Time to expose social democracy and revisionism in Latin America and build a genuine Marxist Leninist Maoist Movement in 2017.

Salute the coming upsurge in struggle in Latin America - drive US Imperialism out of Latin America - smash Trumpism the ugly face of US Imperialism and its Latin American running dogs.