Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why it is Right to Rebel in Libya - Marxism consists of thousands of truths, but they all boil down to one sentence, "It is right to rebel!". For thousands of years it has been said that it was right to oppress, it was right to exploit and it was wrong to rebel. This old verdict was only reversed with the appearance of Marxism. And from this truth there follows resistance, struggle, the fight for socialism. -- Mao Zedong

Reading some of the comments and articles on the Internet there is some honest concerns about rebellion in Libya and some paid for articles by the Gaddafy well oiled PR machine to create confusion.

Here is a list of recent articles on Democracy and Class Struggle which provides some but not an exhaustive list of reasons why the people of Libya have the right to rebel against their government.

How the Abu Salim Prison Massacre in 1996 inspired the Libyan Revolt.
Revolution in Libya - protestors respond to Gaddafy's murderous backlash with remarkable courage.
Fortress Europe Policy and detention of Migrants in Libya
Would Africa Miss Gaddafy if he went ?
Recent events in Libya means the Fascist Dictatorship will fall.
Libya is the richest North African Country with the highest unemployment rate
Latin American Left divided over Libya
Gaddafy condemned Tunisian Uprising

On 1st March 2011 we issued our statement:

Democracy and Class Struggle: We will not dance to the war drums of Imperialism, The Gaddafy elite is in the process of replacement by another elite of ex Gaddafy and opposition leaders being prepared in Benghazi.

The people of Libya will decide the future of their country - No to Imperialist intervention.

We are for the democracy of the masses not the elites, the people are not pawns of the elites on some Middle East chessboard they have their own 
agency and in the words of our Chairman Mao Zedong.

"The people and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history"

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