Friday, August 1, 2008

CPN Maoist decide to form govt

The two-day central committee meeting of CPN (Maoist) concluded Friday deciding to take the leadership of the new government under three 'conditions'.

After the conclusion of the meeting, party spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara told reporters that the party would make efforts to form a government of national consensus. However, the party has kept open the alternative of a majority government by making alliance with a few parties, if a consensus government failed to take shape.

Mahara also said his party was ready to take the leadership of new government even if it is a minority government but on the condition that other parties make commitment not to bring on-confidence motion against the government until the new constitution is drafted. The party has also stressed the need to end the current alliance of NC, UML and MJF.

If the conditions are not met, the party will remain in the opposition, he said.

Meanwhile, the Maoist leaders have admitted their mistake for eroding relations with CPN (UML) during the recent presidential election, and have now expressed commitment not to repeat the errors in future.

The party had called its central committee meeting after coming under pressure from all sides to take the leadership of the next government.

The party has discussed the common minimum programme for a consensus government to be tabled before the meeting of 25 parties, which is likely on Saturday or Sunday. Mahara said the draft of the CMP, which will incorporate the suggestions from the central committee members, would be ready by the evening.

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