Sunday, July 27, 2008

Future of PLA in question

Resist Now Resist issues the following report.

The rightist alliance of NC, UML and MJF has put the future of PLA in question. Recently, a Congress leader said: ‘Considering the mutinies in the armed police barracks, the integration of the PLA into the National army will be a disaster.

From the beginning, the parliamentary parties have been giving excuse after excuse so as to not integrate the PLA into national army. The rightist alliance wants to liquidate the PLA and derail the peace process. In the PLA cantonments, there is always a lack of basic infrastructure- water, electricity, and buildings.

For the last three months, PLA soldiers have not received the rations and basic wages that they were promised and to which they are entitled. Endemic diseases are spreading but there are not adequate medical facilities. Conditions in the cantonments are getting worse everyday. By creating harsh conditions in the cantonment, the government is trying to cause disenchantment and frustration among the PLA soldiers.

The reactionaries want the PLA to disintegrate by itself. National and international reactionaries are trying to stop the Maoist from forming a government. When the rightist alliance government is in place, they will formulate ways to get rid of the PLA. If they try to get rid of the PLA, there will be resistance that may lead to civil war. The PLA will have no choice but take up arms again.

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