Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Break the Deadlock - Extract from article in CPN Maoist Paper Red Star

After the abolition of the monarchy and implementation of the FDR, the class equation of Nepalese society has changed. The antagonism has shifted in the last month. So the progressive force and the representative of the feudal and bureaucratic capitalism - the NC cannot carry on together. The NC and the CPN (Maoist) are at logger heads because of the new antagonism. As this is a transitional period, the NC should understand the situation and not try to create conflict. If the NC really adopts ‘democratic’ norms and values, it must show them in practice.

Their old and meaningless ideology and outlook cannot create a New Nepal. The NC was progressive in comparison with the Ranas and the Shahs, but now the NC has become a status quo force that cannot lead New Nepal. The responsibility of the NC, in this new context, is to help the CPN (Maoist) to lead the country ahead. Jealousy and arrogance does not serve the people but angers them further. If so, the Nepalese people will be obliged to launch the struggle against their rotten and ruinous ideology and practices. Only a movement will be left as an alternative to clear away the obstacles in the way of the country’s progress.

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