Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maoists won’t compromise on govt leadership, statue amendment: Dev Gurung

KASKI, May 8 - Senior Maoist leader and Minister for Local Development Dev Gurung Thursday said that the Maoists will not compromise on leadership of the next government and constitutional amendment.

Gurung said that the CA election’s mandate has direct the Maoists to lead the next government. He added that there was no point making amendments to the interim statute.
Talking to journalists after inaugurating a bridge at Khodi of Lekhnath municipality in Kaski district, Gurung said that his party will not join the new government if the other parties want to make amendments to the constitution. He further said that there was no need to amendment the constitution which was not made earlier while we join the government.

The Maoist leader also remarked that the some parties forwarded the proposal for constitutional amendment due to animosity with the Maoists.

Gurung informed that preparations are being made to form local bodies within in next few days as per the agreement of the elected parties.

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