Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trump announces decision on Iran nuclear deal - the beginning of the end ? A Middle East without USA

Democracy and Class Struggle says the money Trump talks about was Iran's money that was frozen in the West.

The Netanyahu documents were old ones nothing new.

Israel is going head to head with Iran - the twilight of US Imperialism and its Zionist proxy is now in sight in Middle East

Trump is serving the dialectic of history ( also known as unintended consequences) he has united North and South Koreans against his bizarre politics of fire and fury and the Middle East street will now round on the US and begin the final process of sweeping away the US comprador regimes like Saudi Arabia and Gulf States.

A new war is likely to be sparked with either a false flag or a direct attack..

Israel will regret what it wished for from Trump.

There will be no presence of the United States in the Middle East within the next decade.

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