Saturday, April 7, 2018

Do you trust your Computer ? "Artificial" Intelligence and the Class Struggle

Democracy and Class Struggle says were are making a qualitative leap in the technologies of capitalist ruling class repression at the same time the vista's of a real socialism becomes possible.

We need to think about new technological resistance to new repressive state apparatus - how do we rubbish data collection ?

Especially the psychological profiling that Artificial Intelligence takes to a new level with advanced Psychological and Character Analysis for mass manipulation - computational propaganda.

We have to be careful  not to fall in the reification trap - Reification.

Reification is a specific form of alienation. Commodity fetishism is a specific form of reification.

If by a using reification are we accepting a "super human" intelligence when it comes to a "machine intelligence".

Computers and artificial intelligence reflect social relations and class struggle and are not just things.

Marxism has the conceptual tools to deal with these complex problems we must  show the real and rational nature of Marxism by confronting these problems of the 21st Century.

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